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depressionWe need another room! We are in the process of being assessed to adopt a second child (we adopted our son at the age of two. He’s now five). The problem is: Last time we did this we waited until we had been approved through the panel to sort out a room for him. As we waited a long time (over a year) for a placement, that worked fine.

However, this time round our agency is insisting that we have a room entirely ready for a new child before we even go to panel. I’m not keen to do this, because I worry about the awful physical reminder of an empty room if we don’t get through the panel. Aside from this, we’re not very good at changing around rooms and really need some help.

I’ve tried to find an interior designer, but no-one wants to help on such a small-scale project. We can’t extend our house so are looking at creative solutions and really just need some very practical advice and help to sort it out. Pretty quickly! Can anyone help or recommend someone who might be able to help? 

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  1. Meggy

    Sorry I can’t help with interior designers. However how many bedrooms do you have? Or do you have a room that could be converted into another bedroom? Before we adopted our boys we made our spare room into a fairly neutral bedroom with yellow paint, bright curtains and cheerful pictures, so it was ‘child friendly’, but still useable as a guest room if needed. We bought a single bed, but there was still room for a cot if we needed one (we did). When our son arrived we just had to add stickers and posters to the walls to personalise it for him. That way we didn’t have a ‘children’s room’ sitting empty for two years, which is what would have happened, and what as you say would obviously be very painful if a child didnt arrive.

  2. plumstickle

    We split our largest bedroom into two with a stud wall and doorway and moved into the other smaller room when our two came – is that possible for you?

  3. Fiona Rowe

    This annoys me too ! When my Mum adopted in the 1950s , this wasn’t an issue-as many people had lots of children in two rooms-one for girls one for boys, even then that was only an issue if the older children were over ten years old!! I was adopted aged two and shared my parents room , her older sons had theirs in a two bedroomed flat, we moved to a house when I was three and in between, at the flat, my Mum ‘topped to tailed’ a temporary foster girl, I recall her Mum had gone into hospital! It’s quite a middle class ideal and luxury, that came about in the late sixties. I think in the current ‘housing’ and encouraging to foster ‘crisis’ maybe this should be properly addressed as many families whatever’ do not have ‘enough room’!!


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