One thought on “A Problem Shared – Penpal Problems

  1. Kat

    I can only imagine your upset after such a long time wanting to be a mum (I am assuming you are female. Apologies if you’re not).
    I am a Panel member and I have to be really honest with you: this is something that the Panel will find very difficult to get past. It’s not the fact that you write to penpals on Death Row per se, rather your motivation for doing so.. the first thing that they would think is, do you have an attraction to violent men? What are your ‘real life’ relationships / support networks like? What is the nature of your correspondence? Have you discussed wanting to adopt? (again I am assuming you are a heterosexual female).
    If I were you I would write down your motivation to write to these men (you could turn it into a positive, wanting to do good (if that’s the case obviously) ) and address any questions / concerns that may arise and present it to your sw. Imagine if you were your sw / Panel and you had the cold facts of this information in front of you; what would you think? And also remember that central to adoption should be the child. This isn’t about your needs / wants, it’s about a child being placed in a safe, secure, loving place.

    I wish you good luck.


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