A Problem Shared: Sensory aid providers

Today’s problem comes from Vicki at The Boy’s Behaviour…Problem

My son Mini has recently become diagnosed with sensory processing issues. He’s undergoing sensory attachment therapy which he attends weekly. However, we’re starting to build up more of a sensory toolbox at home, so we’ve got aids here that are useful.

The Occupational Therapist has given us a few bits that she recommends, and has made other suggestions too but can’t recommend suppliers because they use professional-specific providers.

I’m finding it a bit of a minefield as there are SO many companies out there that provide sensory aids. Can anyone recommend good websites and/or companies that offer sensory/disability aids such as weighted blankets, chew aids (though we have a few already) and even seamless socks?

3 thoughts on “A Problem Shared: Sensory aid providers

  1. Hushabyemountainblog

    I’m not sure either, and it’s complicated by our LO finding it hard to accept support and given that a lot of stuff is pricey, I want to try it out and see how useful it would be (weighted snake became a whacker and mine are the most noisiest wigglers on a bean bag!). But, reading your post did make me realise, yes it is difficult to find the right stuff, I wonder what advice there is and I found this organisation who provide grants for items like weighted blankets… http://w3.cerebra.org.uk/help-and-information/grants/what-can-i-apply-for/ … they might be able to advise on suppliers (or even a grant!). The national autistic society have a list of funders that might be able to advise on suppliers http://www.autism.org.uk/about/family-life/home-life/funding-for-home-adaptation.aspx
    To be honest, there should be help with all this and ways of trying out equipment outside the therapy room. We have bought lots of things, but when the sensory is mixed in with other needs, it has been hard to find stuff that works.
    I have found myself lately looking for help via organisations that support families with disabled children. It has taken a while to accept this is where we are at. This site has a chat group about equipment – http://www.parentsofdisabledchildren.co.uk/ and there are even tutorials on how to make a weighted blanket!
    I have also found this book useful as it contains simple exercises that don’t need equipment and mine seem to enjoy the exercises – http://www.jkp.com/uk/the-kids-guide-to-staying-awesome-and-in-control.html
    It sounds great that you have sensory attachment therapy, I hope it is helping. Good luck and take care.

  2. Meggy

    Sense toys sell an assortment of chew toys, tags, wristbands etc. Having said that, my son still prefers to chew his clothes. *sigh*.
    We bought seamless socks on Amazon!


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