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Play date nightmare!

When we have a friend over for tea, both my children, age eight and ten, always act up. They wind each other up, argue and try and get the other one into to trouble.

I find the whole experience very stressful and often end up telling one or other of them off whilst the friend is there, which makes me feel terrible. I have tried to arrange for the one without the friend to be elsewhere, at a friend’s house, but it’s not always possible, or I have an activity for me to do with the other child, but they still get drawn towards the child with a friend. I’ve also tried having a friend for both children at the same time but that is even more disastrous.

After the friend has gone home we also often have some sort of a meltdown. Sometimes I wonder whether the whole thing is worth it. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to manage play dates with siblings?

2 thoughts on “A Problem Shared

  1. Plumstickle

    Only to say it is and was exactly the same for us. It has got a little easier (they are now 11) but still often go hyper when friends come. Playing gentle music sometimes helps, or doing something ‘special’ with the other child. If none of these work, I find it best to walk away for a bit. At least then I’m not letting it get to me!

  2. Sarah

    Its amazing how something that’s supposed to be fun turns into such a nightmare! I tend to have one date for one and then the other back to back so that they both know tomorrow’s their turn so they aren’t missing out. Then the one who’s not got the friend round I organise to do a specific activity of their choice, cooking, games with mummy etc, do that they feel its special time with mummy. Its not fool proof but it does distract them a bit!


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