Back to School Anxiety

This mother would desperately like your help in getting her son to school……

ProblemMy son really dislikes school. He was ok for all of key stage 1, but since he’s been in key stage 2 he has really struggled. I mean really struggled. He doesn’t struggle with the work, although he often refuses to do it, he struggles with the relationships with the staff. He finds it hard to comply and is very sensitive to what he perceives as cross voices.I  am working with school to help support him and he is currently being assessed to be statemented. He has also been diagnosed as ASD.

His dislike of school  has brought about many a difficult morning trying to motivate him to go to school.

I know that some may think that I should consider home schooling him, believe me, I’ve thought about it. However, he is very against the idea and I too don’t believe this is not the answer. He can be very sociable and loves seeing his friends. Also I worry that I wouldn’t be able to access his  full potential, he is extremely bright.

He is now in year 6 and I know it’s going to be tough getting him to go to school. Do any of you have experience of your child really not wanting to go to school? What techniques, rewards, bribes have you used to ease the situation? Having had a bad start to the year I really would love to hear how others manage..

If you feel you can help please leave a comment below..

2 thoughts on “Back to School Anxiety

  1. Sara

    This probably doesn’t count as “help” but I just wanted to say that home schooling may be worth a try. Bright children can find their own level (often way “above” school) he can see his friends after school and make new ones at your local home ed group. It is a very scary choice, believe me, I know, but two years on has changed the course of my son’s life.

    That said, my older daughter hated school for a while and used to go in early to help the secretary (she really liked photocopying!) to ease the transition.

    Best of luck.

  2. Marnie

    Hi I can sympathise with you. Our 9 year old is very difficult to get into school. Mornings can be very stressful and at times he has refused to get dressed, in the car or out the other end. To the point that I have had to phone the school from the car park to come out and help. However having a TA to meet him in the morning has really helped and also now we take him in early so he has some one to one time to talk to staff and relieve any anxieties. It’s bit been easy but statement and lots of meetings with school has helped.


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