Today’s anonymous post comes from a mum who is a bit worried about the impending firework season. Can you advise? What do you do on 5th November?

firework night

I have an 8 year old son and a 7 year old daughter. They’ve been here since they were 2 and 3. For the most part things are fairly ‘normal’…well, our kind of normal anyway! But we’re coming up to one time of year that we struggle with. Fireworks night.

Our daughter is fine and enjoys herself. Our son crazes us to go to a firework display each year, and then ‘freaks out’. He loves to watch them, but he can’t handle the bangs, or the crowds, and as soon as those rockets start exploding, our son does too. And once he’s in the midst of a meltdown, it kicks up a gear when he realised space is limited and he can’t get out easily. Yet when we’ve suggested not going, or doing a small display in our -fairly isolated- garden he’ll have a complete tantrum and insist we go to a proper display.

We’ve tried standing at the edges, we’ve tried ear muffs/scarves/hats to dull the noise, we’ve tried constant cuddles and we’ve tried several organised displays – big and small but feel that we can’t win whatever we do! We’re not sure how we can turn this into a nice experience for him – we can see and tell that he really wants to go and enjoy it, but it all just becomes a bit too much.

Any ideas would be gratefully received. Oh, and I should say we don’t know anything about his past that would cause this kind of reaction…

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  1. Christina

    Hi, I know this was for last fireworks night and so this won’t be relevant for a while but I have been thinking about your post and I have a couple of suggestions and I hope one or the other might help.

    If your son feels that fireworks just at home aren’t ‘proper’ then would it work to have a joint fireworks party with one or two other families, at someone else’s house, so that you’re still going out for fireworks night but there’s much more space and if needed your son can go inside and calm down?

    The other idea I had, is to go up a big hill or find somewhere that you can go to the top of a tall building. (I used to work in a venue where we would all go out on the roof but a multi story carpark or place with a roof terrace or something would work). That way you can see about 15 different fireworks displays going off all over the town/ city and it feels exciting because you are looking over them all and will see more fireworks than anyone else, but they are far enough away not to be too noisy and you’re not in the middle of a big crowd.

    Hope you find a solution!


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