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Those of you who read The Boy’s Behaviour will know that we’ve been considering another school for Mini who is in Year 2. There’s a heap of reasons why, and that heap has been growing rapidly bigger too in recent weeks.

Our first choice school said no. They were too full. But we’ve found another school and our application is currently with our local admissions office. The new school seems nice – it’s smaller, in a village, although the age range is larger, there is only 1 class per year, not 3 like his current school.

They don’t have direct experience of attachment issues, but helpfully (I hope) the Headteacher is friends with someone high up within adoption at the local authority. Mini’s teachers, yes another job share, also seem lovely and although it’s a job share, one of those teachers is part education nowof the management team and is permanently in school even when not teaching. And the reception class seems ideal for Dollop who I also need to apply for a place for.

Anyway, I want to know if anyone’s got any advice about the transition period? They sound very accommodating and we’ll have lots of odd hours in the new class, we can go for lunch a couple of times before starting, he can go just for a break time, and I’ll pass on Adoption UK’s Education Now. But practically, any advice?

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  1. Sezz

    I went on a PAC course this week – How to Support Your Child in School – and when talking about transitions including in-year they suggested things like:
    – home visits from new teacher
    – school visits, including someone going with you from old school (if appropriate)
    – take photos of new classrooms, hall, gate etc and, if possible, take a photo of him and some of his new classmates that he can look at regularly before he starts.
    – Mini do a drawing and put it up in his new classroom so it’s there on arrival.
    – transitional objects, bring something home from old school to take to new school perhaps
    – meet and greet during first week or so
    – plan the goodbye at old school – current class could do scrapbook and each write or draw something they like and remember about Mini
    – use stories, metaphors, puppets
    – try to keep to routine at end of term (difficult when it’s Christmas time I know).

    Hope this helps.

    1. tasocial Post author

      Thanks Sezz. They all sound like really good practical suggestions. I’ll talk to new school and see how many they can do for us at short notice like this. Sadly, I doubt old school will be prepared to help with a goodbye/scrap book or anything in fact 🙁


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