Adding a badge to your Blogger/Blogspot blog

Last week we posted about Adding a badge to your blog on WordPress, but we know some of you use another common blogging site/platform – Blogger or BlogSpot.
Here we’ll give you instructions on adding a badge to your Blogger blog, both within the text and as a separate badge in your sidebar.

Commonly badges are used by linky hosts to help advertise the linky – if you include it on your blog it shows which linkys you take part in, and embedded in the code (the bit you paste onto your site) is usually a link back to the host site so it’s easy for your readers to visit the linky.

Adding a badge within the text of a post:
Sometimes it’s easiest to add a badge at the end of a post. This is especially useful if you take part in a variety of linkys and don’t want to clog up your sidebar with them all. You can just add it at the end of the post you’re linking.

In blogger, I think most of us write our posts in ‘Compose’ view. This is where we can easily change our text to bold, alter the size, add in links etc, and is also commonly known as WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) view. However, in order for a badge to do it’s job i.e. link back to the host, it needs to be written with special code, this is called HTML. So to add a badge to your text, you need to change your view to HTML and this is really really easy to do: Get HTML view


So you’ve just clicked on HTML. If you’ve already written your main post, you might see it’s got some funny <tags> around it – that’s just where you might have hit return, changed the font etc.

Beneath it all, paste the code from the host site. It’ll look like this:

pasted code

But if you click back onto ‘Compose’ view, it’ll look like this, which means you’ve done it correctly. Finish writing your post as normal and hit publish!

Screenshot 2013-12-04 17.54.18

Adding a badge to your sidebar:
Adding badges to your sidebar is great if you regularly join in with the same linkys. It keeps them all together, and saves you from pasting in the code each time you write a post to link up.

4 simple steps, with images below too:

  • Click on ‘Layout’ in your Blog’s dashboard. On the left there.
  • Click on one of the links to ‘Add a gadget’ depending on where you want the badge to show – side, top or bottom.
  • Scroll down until you see a gadget called HTML/JavaScript, then click on the blue cross by it.
  • Give it a title and paste in the code. Hit save. That’s it, view your blog and you should see it.

Adding a badge to your sidebar

Hope you find that useful, but do get in touch if you need any more help…



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