Adding a Badge to your WordPress Blog.

 We often get asked how to add our badges so here’s the solution……

MBbadgeIt is common for blogs that do link ups to provide a badge for other bloggers to add to their sites or posts. These badges promote the link up and allow readers to link through to the host blog of the link up. Here I will show you how to add these badges to either the bottom of a post or into the sidebar of a WordPress site…


Within a Blog Post

If I join in a link up I often add the badge at the base of a post. Firstly because it is an instant recognition for the reader of where your blog is linked too and secondly, I don’t like my sidebar to be full of link up badges that I only occasionally join in with.

First Copy the badge code from the host site, usually in a text box in a post or in the sidebar, see below.

AddingBadge3Then in the Edit Post mode of your blog change the content setting from visual to Text in the top left corner, shown below.

AddingBadgeOnce in text mode you paste the code into the position you want it in the post, as I said often for me this is right at the end.

When you save your post and view it, the badge should be there.

In the Sidebar

Again copy the required badge code from the host site.

From your dashboard on your blog, select Appearance and then Widgets.

In the centre of the screen are a number of labeled boxes. Find the one labeled text.

Click on this box and drag it into the right sidebar, as shown below.

Adding Badge2

Open the Text box and paste the code into the box.

Now when you view your blog the badge should appear in the right sidebar.

Remember you can move the box around in the sidebar to position it between any other widgets you may have.

Hope this helps.

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