Adding keywords to your blog

Keywords, labels, tags – call them what you will, they’re important in blogging. Keywords are usually a word, or short phrase, that relate to the content of your post.

If you think of your blog as a filing cabinet, then think of keywords as the labels on the top of the files that allow you to organise and re-find a post, and also help anyone else that visits your blog to find relevant posts too.

Not only for you, and your readers, but also search engines.

Adding keywords in Blogger

As you write your post, you’ll see the ‘labels’ box on the right hand side. Type in keywords, using commas to separate them. Use one or two-word keywords, perhaps using details like ‘gingerbread recipe’ or ‘attachment counselling’ rather than general words like ‘food’ or ‘therapy’. Though on most of our blogs ‘adoption’ would be general, but fairly useful.

Press ‘Done’ once you’ve entered all the keywords that are relevant.

Keywords in blogger

Adding keywords in WordPress

After writing your post, look for the ‘Tags’ box on the right hand side. Type in the tags you want to include, using commas to separate them. As above, use detailed keywords rather than general words.  

Hit ‘Add’ and then ‘Publish’, and your post will go live.

tags in wordpress

On both WordPress and Blogger, a list of keywords will appear under your published post. And in both, you can search your posts by keyword from your Dashboard (that’s the back-end bit only you can see, where you can edit/delete/publish posts).

Only you can choose which keywords are relevant, but have a think about the most important points in your post – and use those.

If you have any tips or hints on using keywords or tags in posts, do let us know in the comments…

One thought on “Adding keywords to your blog

  1. Adoption Journey Blog

    A useful tip on the Blogger platform is that, once you have entered in key words on a blog and publish it Blogger remembers the key words you have already used. For future blogs these are lsited below the key word entry box. If there are any key words you use regularly you can add them by clocking on them rather than typing them in manually. Any additional key words you add in addition will also be remembered for next time.

    Also, it is worth bearing in mind that Blogger puts a limit on the number of key words/the number of characters you can use (which is actually a useful discipline on focusing your key wprds down on to really relevant and useful ones).


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