Adding Social Media Icons to your WordPress Blog

Adding social media icons to your blog makes it easier for people to connect with you; it’s as simple as that…..

social media Icons


Having a set of icons that represent all your social media outlets looks neat, and placed at the top of your blog page means there’s no scrolling and searching to see if you are on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the rest. So here’s how to add them for a WordPress blog……..

 There are loads of great free icons out there, Google them and you’ll see. The Site Geek Fairy is a great safe site to find icons and also includes lots of other tutorials which can help enhance your WordPress blog. Our very own icons are from this site. When you’ve selected the icons you like click on DOWNLOAD

This will download a file that contains all the social media icons in that design.

Now you need to select the ones you want to use, and move them / copy them / save them to a file on your computer where you can find them easily. I often put mine on Desktop and remove them once I’ve finished with them.

Once you’ve done this open a New Post in your Blog. In the Post select Add Media and then upload your first icon, just as you would do with an image for your blog.

You then need to attach the URL for your social media icon, so the address of your Twitter home page or your Facebook page, for example. There are a couple of ways to do this.

In the Add Media pop up, there is a section to add a link, see below…socIcon3

Or in the post click on the hyperlink icon and add your link there.socIcon3


You may also, at this point want to resize your icon. This can be done in the image editor, when you click on the image in the post, image editor appears.

Repeat this process then with all the icons you want to include on your blog. Once this is done save as a draft and then switch to TEXT view of your post, top right hand corner. Copy all the text in the post.

Open Widgets under Appearance in your Dashboard Menu and click on Text Widget. Drag the Text Widget into your sidebar at the position you wish it to be viewed, near the top is probably best.

Copy the text into this widget and add any header you may require above the widgets for example “Come Connect with Me..” and Save.

Now check their appearance on your blog and make any adjustments required. If they look too big you can re-size them in the draft post or maybe you would prefer to re-position them in your side bar.

Save the draft post so that you can return to them at a later date if needs be.

All Done.

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