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Today Vicki from The Boy’s Behaviour is sharing her 3 favourite apps for Android…all available from the Play Store.

I only recently came across this app, and have fast become reliant on it!
It is an alarm clock/timer/stopwatch/clock, which of course most devices have on anyway, however, the difference with Timely is that it’s got some clever extras.

For example, the alarm goes off quite loud as expected, but it recognises that you have picked the phone up and immediately quietens down a little, rather than continuing at 100decibels! And, I also like the challenges you can set. Before you can silence the alarm you have to complete a challenge, which makes you wake up I can tell you. Choose from a pattern recognition, maths puzzle or shape matching exercise.

As with other alarms, you can set more than one, specify certain days for certain alarms, change the tone etc, but I’m really loving those little extras that help me wake up, and more importantly – stay awake!

A camera app, Cymera is a popular editing tool. As well as being able to crop, brighten etc, you can change the effect, put unusual lighting over the top of your image, add text, but also add certain stickers and bling up your image.

Easy to share too, you can show off your photos in other applications.

Out of Milk
Out of milk
The organiser in me LOVES this. It’s a shopping list app. Yes I know it sounds mundane, but where I was once the proud owner of a perfectly functioning (albeit selective) memory, I am not anymore.
This helps me keep a list to hand, which means I can add to it wherever and whenever I recall that we’ve run out of loo roll/milk/plasters/ear plugs – delete as appropriate.

I spent a little time setting it up with prices of each item too, which means when I write a full shopping list I can see how much it’s going to cost me – if necessary I can alter it to reflect my budget.

There are other features too which allow you to basically keep your larder up to date, however being able to create a list (with pricing) is perfect for me.

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