How to Start a WordPress Blog

Today we are going to show you the very first steps to take in creating a blog in WordPress.

Step 1

Go to the website



Step 2

the next page will require you to add your email a Username and the name of your blog.

The Blog name will be unique. type it into the section indicated below and WordPress will let you know if the name is available.

Here I’ve started a blog called



Step 3

Once you’ve entered the required information and found a name for your blog, scroll down the page and click on Create Blog button.










Step 4

The Next page will show details of your blog which you can move on from by clicking the NEXT button, bottom right of the screen.


Step 5

Here you will be asked to select your theme for your blog. The Theme will determine how your blog looks, the layout, the colours, font and also dome of the technical attributes of your site.

At The Adoption Social we use Twenty Twelve but have a look at all the themes and experiment with them. It can be fun.

Next time I’ll talk you through Three different Themes and their different attributes.


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