WordPress Tutorial – Creating and Inserting a Custom Made Header

Customise your blog, to make it your own with a personalised header…

I’m going to show you how to make a personilised header using photographs edited in PicMonkey, like the one shown below. I will be using the Theme Twenty Twelve for my example but lots of Themes will allow you t insert a customised header.


Step 1

Open Picmonkey and select the collage option, as the arrow indicates below.









Step 2

Select your photographs that you wish to use from their saved location, most of mine are on my computer. You need 4 to make the header shown above.

These photographs will appear in the left column of the screen as shown below.








Step 3

Select which configuration you want your collage to be in. For this header choose Ducks in a Row, four boxes.

Then move your photographs into the squares using your mouse/cursor.


Step 4

Now select the Edit function from the grey toolbar at the top of your screen. This will open Editor.

In Editor you can add words and symbols to your header and add effects to your photgraphs.

In my header I used the Intrepid filter from the effects.

Selected a stamp seal (white circle of stars) from the symbols and added text in Chunk Five. I also changed the colour of these items using the colour bar.


Step 5

Finally, you may need to resize your header, bottom option on main editing page of PicMonkey. Where you add your header in WordPress  ( I’ll show you how to get to that in the next step) a suggested size for your hear will be give. As I’m using the Twenty Twelve theme I resized my header to the correct with of 960 pixels. To keep the proportions of my picture the pixel height is slightly out but you should be able to edit that in WordPress, as I will show you next.


Step 6

From your WordPress blog dashboard select Appearance and then Header, from the left side bar.

Click on the Choose File box and select your header from it’s saved location.

Now click on Up Load

Your chosen header should appear on the screen, with a Crop and Publish box below. As shown here.


Use your mouse/cursor to manipulate the movable lines and create the area you would like to crop.

When you are happy with the crop area, click Crop and Publish.

Now when you return to your front page your beautiful Header should be on display.


There you go…happy header designing to you all.

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