Comments on your blog – and why they’re important

If you think about why you write a blog then I guess some of you would say you do it to record a journey.
I know that when I started my blog it was just for that. I had no idea if anyone would read it, and I didn’t really mind whether they did or didn’t. I just wanted somewhere to empty my head. I suppose I could have done that in a text document, and I’m not sure why I chose to publish online, but I did, and from the very first connection I had with someone on my blog I was hooked.

Out there *points to the internet* are thousands and millions and lots of blog readers, and some of them find what you *points at you personally* write about very interesting. Very very interesting. Which brings me onto the subject of comments – those people who find your blog interesting will sometimes want to tell you just how interesting your writing is! They might want to empathise or sympathise with you. They might want to connect to you to feel less alone. They might even want to disagree with you, but whatever the reason, they can only do that if you allow comments.

I think most of the adoption blogs I come across do allow comments on their blogs, but I just wanted to reinforce why this is important. Something else to consider is how easy it is for people to comment – I can certainly understand why some people don’t comment if they have to set up a new account before they can leave a message, the simplest ways for me to comment are by using my blogger account, my wordpress account or by entering my name/email address. So have a think about those issues if you’re considering whether to allow commenting on your blog or not.

The other thing about comments is that they are a useful way for you to respond to your readers too. I know we’re all busy but a quick 5 minutes a day will allow you to reply to any comments you’ve had on your blog and this is a really useful way to build up dialogue that can then be continued via Twitter, Facebook or email. And your readers will be able to develop a relationship of sorts with you. They’re more likely to come back and read your other posts if they’ve had some kind of conversation with you before.
And to be honest, it’s plain old good manners to reply to those who have been kind enough to comment on your blog,

Here’s a shot of one of our most commented on posts – and in this case, the writer responded to all the comments received too, helping her start to build relationships with people she’d not connected with before:

lots of comments

For me, the stats are sort of important – probably more addictive than important if I’m honest. The real test of whether your blog is interesting and engaging is whether people choose to comment on your posts. So bear this in mind when reading other posts too – if you’ve found it interesting, informative, whether you agree or disagree, let the blogger know by leaving a quick comment.

If you need any help with comments and setting them up on your blog, then do drop us a line. And if you’ve got anything to add to this post – then leave a comment below!

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