Encouraging contact via your blog

Have you got an email address on your blog? No, here we tell you why you should consider getting one…

I can’t tell you the number of blogs I visit, find really interesting, consider following on Twitter or Facebook, then come away disappointed because they’ve not got a Twitter or Facebook account, or at least, haven’t included the details on their blog. It’s so easy to tweet someone to ask a question, or message them on Facebook with more info/links/questions etc. However, I can live with it, because I know not everyone finds those platforms easy to use, or is comfortable doing so.

But what’s worse, is when I can find no way at all of contacting the blogger.

Sometimes, I want to write something a little more personal than I’m prepared to leave in the public comments, sometimes they don’t even allow comments, sometimes I want to ask questions about the post they’ve written, sometimes I want to invite them to write on The Adoption Social, there are plenty of reasons…but I can’t find an email address!

If this sounds like you, then I’d urge you to add some kind of contact information on your blog. If I can’t get hold of you, then neither can other people – PRs, the press, organisations who can help/support you, organisations who want to work with you and other readers for example.

I understand that you might not want to share your personal address with the world, and yes, it really is the whole world. But setting up a free gmail or yahoo email (other free email providers are available) address is very easy, quick and simple. And you can make it semi-match your blog – ourfantasticadoptionblog@gmail.com or adoptionapprovalprocess@gmail.com, just use your blog name or a variation of it.

I understand that you don’t want even more emails to have to deal with. But as long as you have an effective spam filter, you really won’t have to deal with LOADS more email than usual, and I can tell you that Gmail’s spam filter is very good. And if you do have heaps more email, it’s because you’re good at what you’re doing!

Perhaps you’ve just never thought about it, or thought it necessary to include contact information on your blog. If you’re not sure what else you could include on a contact page, then have a look at ours here for some ideas, and check out your favourite blogs to see what their pages look like.

But please, please consider setting an email address up and adding the details to your blog.

And if you are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any other social media site, please add a link to your blog page. They’re all new ways that your readers can connect with you, and more ways of reaching new readers too.

If you’d like any help with setting up your own email address, then please do CONTACT US.

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