How to add your Blog Post to #WASO

Ever wondered how you could put your blog  on #WASO…here’s how. 

It’s really encouraging to see lost of new people joining the adoption twitter community and some have even taken the plunge and started to a blog as well. We love this wealth of shared experiences that makes us all feel less alone, helps us to make more sense of our own lives and offer empathy to those who require support. It is the main reason we started #WASO, to encourage the community to grow.

So today I’m going to run through just how simple it is to join your blog post to the weekly #WASO link up.

1. On the Friday #WASO post ,scroll down the page until you see the blue writing stating Click Here to Enter  (as indicated by the red arrow below), click on it. linky1


2. The screen in the image below will then appear.











There are four sections which you are required to fill in. The important thing to remember is that the only information which will be visible on the link is the title you use in the first box. So either use the title of your post or the title of your blog in this box or only information you are happy for others to read.

The second information that is required is the link to your post. The easiest way to do this is to cut and paste the link from your blog. That is the address that appears at the top of the page when you are on the post, as indicated in the image below.



Then you add your email and a name and click enter your link. 

You then follow the link back to the linky4post and your entry should appear as shown below.







You see, really simple BUT if you ever have any problems please contacts us, we are happy to help.

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