How to tweet without being on Twitter

Have you ever noticed those tweets that seem to perfectly coincide with the time you sit down with a cuppa? Or just as you’ve got home from the school run?

Some of the most interesting blog posts I read are those I find through clicking on a tweeted link that pops onto my feed between 9.05am and 10am. A lot of the other interesting ones come through around 8.30pm when I’m sitting relaxing after getting the kids to bed.

Did you ever wonder how that happens? I mean, surely people aren’t just sitting there ready to send those tweets at precisely the right time are they?

I’ve recently started using Twuffer, an app designed to allow you to schedule tweets so you can send them exactly when you need to, without being anywhere near a phone or computer. This is especially useful if you know (from your blog stats) what sort of time your readers usually visit your blog because you can target your tweets – especially with those containing links to your blog – when you know your readers are online.
Similarly if you have blog posts scheduled for e.g when you’re on holiday, you can still promote your post by scheduling a tweet or 5, for whilst you’re away.
Screenshot 2014-09-17 11.30.23
And in all honesty, we use it on The Adoption Social because we’re busy mums who can’t always be on Twitter. But we want to share our posts and other information with you throughout the day rather than bombarding you for half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening!

So Twuffer. Log in with your Twitter account and it’ll ask permission to post on Twitter on your behalf. Simply type your tweet in the box, and select your date and time below it. Hit schedule tweet and it’s done!
You can view all your scheduled tweets, see which have been posted, and which have failed (usually through duplication rather than any errors). Screenshot 2014-09-17 11.30.14It’s free to use, and unbelievably easy. If you’re pasting links to your posts in, you might want to shorten them first, else they take up the Twitter character limit – here’s a post on how to use Bitly to do just that.

There’s nothing like interaction though, so don’t schedule all your tweets – make sure you actually converse, retweet and share…but do remember this useful tool.

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