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Today Vicki demystifies linkys and tells you a bit more about the two that we offer here on The Adoption Social…

As I hope you’ll have realised if you’re a regular visitor to The Adoption Social, we love blogging! Sarah and I met through Twitter and blogging, and became part of an amazing community of people. If you look through our Me & My Blog section, you’ll see a number of other bloggers (and tweeters) sharing their stories about why they blog, and why it’s so useful to them.


Blogging is appealing to lots of people and there are millions of blogs out there on all sorts of topics. Some people write for themselves, as an online diary not necessarily believing it’ll be read by anyone. Some people write to share with others and build up online followings. Some people write to reach out and connect with others.

If you want more readers or want to connect with more people, how do you do it?? Well, one ways is to join in some linkys. And they’re really much more simple than you might think…

A linky is essentially a list of links to blog posts. Sometimes they’re themed by content, sometimes by author, sometimes not at all. Sometimes they’re only open for a day, sometimes weeks. To take part in a linky you simply add your blog url (that’s the address in the top bar, which you can select and copy) into the form that usually appears right by the list of blogs. Sometimes they’ll ask for a title, your name and/or email address too.

Here on The Adoption Social we host 2 linkys:

BADGE7The Weekly Adoption Shout Out, also known as #WASO. Sarah and I initially set this up on our own blogs as a way of drawing adoption bloggers together, and getting a list of good reads in one place. This has been running for over six months now and is a weekly linky, live from early Friday morning to late Sunday night (GMT).
Every other week we offer an optional theme, but the only stipulation is that the post you link must be about adoption in some way. This linky closes, which means that after Sunday night you cannot add anymore links until the following week when a new linky starts.

All of our previous weeks are available by scrolling down here. You can still click on any of the links in them and as long as the post is still live on the bloggers site, you’ll be able to see it. We also set up a new board on Pinterest for each themed week, and pin all themed posts to it. In addition we try to tweet and share the link on our Facebook page to get more readers for your blog.

MBbadgeMemory Box is our other linky. Sarah’s idea with this linky is to provide a place for you to share the good bits, the celebrations, the triumphs – yours, your children’s, your parent’s. All too often we get caught up in the bad bits; the negative bits; the challenges and sometimes it does us good to focus on the positive as well as sharing and celebrating the achievements of others.
This is a fortnightly linky, which runs from early Monday morning to late Sunday night every other week. Like #WASO, it closes, and you can’t add more links after the closing time. This one is much more image based, and rather than just a list of links, you can choose a thumbnail image to accompany your link, hopefully enticing would-be readers to click through.

Again, all of our previous Memory Box’s are still listed here. Although we see this as much more image based – perhaps that’s all you have to share…not even words, we do recognise the need for privacy and security, so there are some tips here on obscuring an image if you need/want to.

It’s polite, blogging etiquette you might say, to go and read some of the other blogs that join in, and then leave a comment. And it’s this cycle of linking and leaving comments on other blogs that helps gain you new readers and more comments on your own blog. Thus the communities grow and you make new connections.

There are lots of other linkys out there, as a parent blogger I sometimes use:

My Best Post of The Week, hosted by Britmums
Magic Moments, hosted by The Oliver’s Madhouse
Wot So Funee, hosted by Actually Mummy
Post Comment Love or #PoCoLo, hosted by Verily, Victoria Vocalises
Prose for Thought, again on Verily, Victoria Vocalises
Oldies but goodies, hosted by 3 Children and It

You’ll see that most linky hosts have created a special badge. You can see our #WASO and #MemoryBox badges on some of those posts. You can then add the badges of those you take part in to your own blog  – helping the linky get a bit of advertising, helping your readers see the communities you’re part of, and helping your blog look a bit more colourful too!

So that’s a brief overview of linkys. If you need any help with adding your blog to a linky or a badge to your site, then do drop us a line or comment below – we’re always happy to help.
And if you know of any other great linkys, then do leave a note in the comments below so we can all take part.

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