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Previously we did an article on how to set up your twitter account, with special considerations you might want to make when tweeting about adoption, you can find out more here.

Here we aim to give you some tips for getting around twitter and how to find other people to tweet with.


Twitter will make recommendations for people to tweet with in your side bar. If you click on the name or picture (the avatar) it will take you through to their profile, where a brief bio will give you information that might help you decide if you’d like to follow them

If you are looking to tweet with people who share a particular interest, like adoption, you can use the search tool in the top bar. Type in adoption and then select people in the bar to the left, and a list of those involved in adoption will come up. This will include organisations as well as individuals.



Another way is to access the following or followers list of another person. Select a person, group or organisation in which you are interested in, go to their profile and click on following or followers. From this list you will be able to select those you might want follow with a single click.

We have a twitter blogroll on the site, down on the right hand side of the page, scroll down and you will find lots of great adoption folk to follow.

Make sure you fill in your bio and include an avatar image (sometimes known as an avi). People will be suspicious of you if you don’t provide even a small amount of personal information or present a personality. None of the information needs to be too informative or personal, but it will be how people identify with you. Maybe list hobbies and likes and if you want to tweet about adoption, mention it in your bio.

If you have a blog include it in your bio and remember to include your twitter tag on your blog, it’s easy to add a follow button in your sidebar. To see how to do it follow the link below.

If you have a blog to promote it is also a good idea to incorporate the name of it into your twitter tag, that way people can instantly link them together. 

What you tweet about will also influence  whether people follow you. It’s up to you what you tweet about but people will be more drawn to you if you appear friendly. 

Comment on other people’s tweets, if you have a relevant reply, and retweet posts that you feel may be of interest to your own followers.

The favourite tag is used by many as the “like” button is on Facebook, to indicate that you agree with a comment or just “like” it.

If you read other peoples blogs leave comments on their posts and if you really like them share them on twitter, people will often check you out if you support them and follow you in reply.

There are no hard and fast rules for tweeting but remember to tweet with others as you would like to be tweeted with yourself. 

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