Making Halloween Monsters using PicMonkey

Just a little Halloween fun…

We are big fans of the photographing editing site PicMonkey on The Adoption Social. So with Halloween around the corner we thought we’d just bring to your attention some of the fun seasonal features the site has to offer, and some of the spooky images you can create.  Plus it’s a brilliant way to disguise the identity of your children by turning them into zombies or witches, who needs pixilating when you’ve got monster morphing and masks of the living dead.


 Getting Started

Open the PicMonkey Site and then up load a picture you would like to work on, if you need some help with this see this previous post.

With your picture in place, click on the special themes icon, bottom left, depicted by a pumpkin.


Here a column of themes will appear, on the left hand side, Zombie, Vampire, Witches are some of the themes available.

Select a theme and a number of headings will appear, costumes, textures, overlay, amongst others.

The most fun will be had experimenting yourself with these themes and effects, however I will give you just a couple of tips.

Using a Brush Effect

Some effects for example, bruising or adding different skin colouring, require the use of a brush.

Once you’ve selected this effect a small circle will appear when you hover over your photograph.

Once you have selected the colour or tone you wish to apply to your picture, click and hover the circle over the portion of the picture you wish to alter.

The size of the brush can altered by sliding the scale on the left hand side, this will allow you to cover only very small areas or much larger spaces. 



Manipulating the Overlays

 When you add a spooky overlay, demon eyes or scars for example, you can move the item and change the size by clicking and dragging the small circles that appear on the white square that surrounds it.


You can also make your overlays transparent, so you can see you picture below, by altering the blend mode.

So go and have some gruesome fun and if your interested share your pictures with the #PicMonkeyBOO and you could win a a free year of PicMonkey Royale premium membership. For terms of the competition take a look at their blog.

Here’s a couple more we did earlier, the children have loved playing with these special effects.

My little demonspooky bear

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