#Taspic – July Roundup and a New Challenge

Another month of great photos as you all shared the #Smallthings  in your lives. Be it the tiny moments or the the tiny shoes, there was definitely plenty to smile about.  

top #taspic july

I have selected this shot from @littlebit_bod as the top #taspic for July because, even with out seeing the girl’s faces, I can just imagine the delight expressed at spotting a little rabbit. The sort of moment that makes any parent smile, as you share a little bit of magic with your child. 

Thank you to all of you for getting involved and sharing the tiny snapshots of your lives. I am always really impressed with the creativity that goes into your shots. Here’s a a selection of some of the great pictures we’ve seen. 

smallthings collage



So now to August and a fresh challenge for us all. As It is supposed to be our summertime I thought we would go for that as our hashtag #summertime. Maybe it’s the things around you that remind you of summer; the flowers, the trees, even the wildlife. Maybe its what’s on your plate; a salad that’s fresh and summery, a bbq in the rain. Or maybe your #feeties are out in sandals, maybe your little ones little #feeties are paddling in the sea. So many things to draw inspiration from…I hope.

So use the #summertime hashtag and if you remember, #taspic too. And lets get sharing.

I think I’m going to try to make a little #summertime video, anyone else want to join in?

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