#Taspic – #Feeties Roundup

It’s been brilliant to see lots of people joining in our #Taspic photo challenge.  We’ve seen #feeties in all shapes and sizes, from the tiniest of toes to the loveliest new shoes and even the odd paw.

So here is a small selection of some of our favourites,feeties collageRow 1 left to right – @Mendingmum, @onroadtoadopt, @suddenlymumof2

Row 2 left to right – @purdy2233, @mizzanels, @kittyTrill

Row 3 left to right – @puffindiaries, @suddenlymumof2, @buildingafamily

We’ve contacted everyone included in the collage to ask for permission to use their picture. If we ever use an image of yours which you’d rather we didn’t share please contact us and we will remove it. However going forward by using our hashtag #Taspic we’ll take it as consent to include pictures unless we are otherwise notified. So if you’d like to ensure your pictures are not shared on our site, on twitter or any other form of social media which The Adoption Social uses, please notify us.

So lets carry on the #FEETIES fun for May.

From Monday 1st June our #Hashtag will change but look out for a post nearer the time to reveal your next challenge.

And we’ll let @hlmeadows have the last say with her favourite socks. 

My favourite socks. #feetie #taspic

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