So it’s National Adoption Week.  Time to celebrate adoption, isn’t it?

Sometimes adoptive parents can find this a tough week, filled with lots of promotion, painting a very positive image of adoption,  especially if their own family life is challenging and difficult. I understand that BAAF have created the theme of “siblings” for NAW14, which very importantly more adopters are needed for.  However, as a community of many adopters as well as adoptees and practitioners, I think it is important for us to decide how we want to celebrate this week.

During a chat on twitter this week, two of our community, @take2mums and @adoptingd, came up with the excellent idea of encouraging support for each other with the question “how are you?”.

So the idea is, that during this National Adoption Week we look at our twitter feed or followers lists and choose 5 different people to contact and check in with. We can all use the hashtag #HowAreYou

You can do it every day or on just one day when you know you might have the time to converse with someone.

You might say something like

“Hi there hope you’re ok today #HowAreYou

I think it’s a brilliant idea, which follows on perfectly from the recent #TakingCare conference. This online community is growing by the day and we should have a say as to how we want to celebrate adoption and the many people involved in adopting.

 So take to your twitter feed this week and simply ask #HowAreYou.

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