Who is The Adoption Social for?


There has been a bit of confusion over on Twitter this week amongst our followers,We need you about who The Adoption Social is for. Some people have assumed that because they aren’t adoptive parents, that this site is not suitable or appropriate for them, and therefore they feel they can’t contribute.

We’d like to say a big Sorry if you’ve felt this way and if we’ve given you the impression that this site is exclusively for adoptive parents. It’s not!

The truth is, we are adoptive parents. We came together through a mutual love of blogging, and a desire to help link up those who blog about adoption. Thus The Weekly Adoption Shout Out was born. We’ve come such a long way since then, and The Adoption Social stands alone as a support site for those who don’t necessarily know the back story of how it came to be.

Our aim has always been that The Adoption Social is created and led by those in adoption and those experiencing and living with adoption in their lives. We therefore need you to write for us, contribute your experiences and knowledge so that we can pass that on to others and they in turn can support, understand and help you and many more.

Because of our own experiences and connections, most of the content on this site supports adoptive parents rather than anyone else within this world of adoption. That’s not because we don’t want posts from other people, or differing perspectives, we do, but they are harder to find. We do hope however, that what is published gives all sorts of people an insight into adoptive parenting and the needs of our (currently) young adoptees, and allows you to support others and gain support, even if it’s just knowing there’s someone else out there in a similar situation.

So whatever your position – adoptee, care-leaver, foster carer, adoptive parent, prospective adoptive parent, contact supervisor, birth parent, wider family from either birth family or adoptive, social worker, therapist, health visitor, special guardian, kinship carer, doctor, specialist, student or other interested party, we would be happy to have you featured on The Adoption Social, and invite you to guest post, write us a problem, share poetry, write a review or have a rant.
We also invite you to link your blog up to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out – so called because the links are about adoption related subjects, not just for adoptive parents.

If you really want to write for us but aren’t sure if your subject is right, then send us a copy at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com and we’ll have a look and remember that we are always happy for you to use a pseudonym or anonymise your post for you. 



2 thoughts on “Who is The Adoption Social for?

  1. Jackie Unsworth

    Hi was wondering if there were any other adoptive parents out there having an issue with schools not recognising that early years experiences can cause later life issues and that this needs to be taken into account. We have our daughter who has poor self image issues and poor self worth, she struggles with school but is expected to take 8’GCSE’s. I have arguments with the school over this stating why make her do something that she has no hope of passing and will only stress her out and add to her sense of failure, thanks JU

    1. tasocial Post author

      Hi there Jackie

      I think there are many of us parents who are having issues with schools not understanding the impact of early trauma and life experiences.
      If you’d like to drop us a line at theadoptionsocial@gmail.com, we can let you know of somewhere where you might be able to get some support.



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