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SNAP HAPPY, a new post that you can all join in with. 

Today sarah from The Puffin Diaries has chosen one picture from her Instagram to show you, with a bit of a story behind it.

brothersThis picture was taken last year when we were on holiday in Portugal. Two weeks away in the sun filled us with a promise of happy family times. It was so far from this idyllic family holiday that even the boys know it wasn’t a good holiday. You know what I mean, when the children still have great memories of what you thought was hell, well this was sooooo bad the kids knew that it wasn’t a good time.

It’s that age old thing, there we are in a beautiful villa, with a pool and a tennis court, set into the hills, with beautiful surroundings and the only feature you are actually really appreciating is that you have no close neighbours. No one to hear you screaming at the children, or them screaming back with the tongue of a navvy, and don’t forget those moments of prising them off each other, placing them over your shoulder or under your arm and escorting them inside,  before they kill each other.

The bloody pool inflatables were often to blame. There were so many in the pool it was hard to find a clear opening to jump in. But even with a dolphin, a crocodile, a ring and two lilos, no that boat was the only thing either of them EVER wanted. And so the war began.

I sobbed a lot that holiday, by the pool, on the beach, in the car, in restaurants. I tried to relax, I employed a nice Thai lady on the beach to give me a massage. Tink however didn’t like the fact that I wouldn’t speak to him during it and sat on the end of my sun lounger complaining about the fact, all the way through the treatment. After, my back all covered in essential oils, he kicked sand all over me and told me to F**k off, to the absolute horror of a large jovial Portuguese family next to us.  I left that beach caked in sand, head bowed low, sobbing.

We separated them one day, dad took Stig on a boat trip and Tink and I went shopping. Later we met dad and Stig down at the harbour and had a drink. As we walked back to the car the boys walked ahead chatting happily to each other. Then the unimaginable happened, they actually reached out for each other and placed their arms around the other. I was stunned, moved and reached for my phone. I was so glad I was able to capture that beautiful moment, it reminds me just how close they can be at times and gave me a happy forever moment from the holiday from hell.

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7 thoughts on “Snap Happy from The Puffin Diaries

  1. Rachel

    Hi Sarah,
    Sounds rotten – but if it’s any comfirt you have absolutely nailed the description of trying to relax with adopted siblings. I have a very similar candid picture of my 3 holding hands in the sea for a brief moment as they played with the incoming waves for the first time ever. I’ve had it blown up into an A1 poster & framed as it’s so special (and unusual). Hang on in there xxx

    1. tasocial Post author

      Thanks, they really are either thick as thieves or killing each other, especially on holiday when those anxieties are running high. We must be mad, but we are trying again this year, but only for a week and we’re taking reinforcements in the shape of my mum. x

      1. plumstickle

        We have only managed 3 holidays, ever, without the aid of a helper. One was dreadful, abandoned early with much damage done to people and property. In the other two (Florida and Scotland) the children’s time was so over-managed with fantastic activities they didn’t think about being horrible! Nighttimes and mealtimes still tricky but we are much better at ignoring and moving on than we were….

  2. Michelle

    I’m with you!! We have ‘precious moments’ where they get on. I hold onto these through the rest of the time.
    Michelle x

  3. Anne

    I am so impressed that you were able to see through the crap and capture the positive. So often I am so engaged that I then resent those moments. Well done you xxx


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