Meet The Blogger: Adoption: The Bear Facts

A very warm welcome to Blogfox14, blogger at Adoption: The Bear Facts who is featured as today’s Meet The Blogger.

Book: Trying to read my way through everything by JoJo Moyes
Music: Capital or Kiss radio for dancing around the kitchen; lots of tuneless singing of Uptown Funk with Big Bear
TV Prog: Ugly House to Lovely House to get ideas for our upcoming renovations (that’s the official line, really just to spend some quality time with gorgeous George Clarke!)
Food: Thai always
Pastime: Blogging is rapidly taking over but building my Lego Mini or hunting for vintage coffee pots when I have time

My biggest challenge as an adoptive parent:
Probably balancing the very different needs of my two boys. When there is an incident, who do you go to first? Victim or perpetrator? How do you separate them whilst leaving neither alone? Making sure they feel equally loved and they both have quality time.

When I look into the eyes of my child I see:
Little Bear reminds me of an Armadillo – hard on the outside, soft on the inside. Sometimes, when he allows his gaze to meet mine, I can see straight into his soft, vulnerable centre.

At the weekend I can mostly be found:
In my wellies, trudging after a muddy scooter and balance bike to find really muddy mud. Also, at the zoo or snuggled up on the sofa watching a film.

What makes me/ my family laugh:
Both bears make me laugh a lot. I love it when Big Bear starts a sentence with “Dad, imagine there was a ferret and it…..” or Little Bear decides to wear the play tunnel and waddles around looking like ET.

What I hope I can give to my children:
A strong sense of self so that they can be who they truly are, without necessarily following the path everyone else takes. I also hope I can give them a good set of communication and social skills as they will carry you through most situations in life.

Why did I start blogging about adoption?:
I replied to an email from our Agency offering Social Media training for potential online adoption champions. There were very limited places and when I didn’t get one, realised I really wanted to blog anyway.

As a teenager I was a big diary writer and more recently have dabbled in children’s fiction. I’m just a frustrated author writing about what I know.

5 thoughts on “Meet The Blogger: Adoption: The Bear Facts

  1. Dotty about doppy

    Lovely blog. I’m tempted to do one myself. How do I get started? And also what is the answer to the conflict management dilemma? I have the same struggle how do I separate them but hold them both close. To add to that I’ve got a third but so far they’ve only ever fought in pairs! Look forward to reading your blogs.

    1. Blogfox14

      Thank you! Go for it with the blogging I reckon. I knew nothing at all when I started but the basics were fairly easy to figure out. There is always room for improvement though, still don’t really feel as though I know what I’m doing! But I love it and it’s quite therapeutic.
      Can’t answer the separating them question! I have been known to cuddle both at the same time using my body as a barrier between them but not sure what you’d do with the third?!

  2. sandra

    I just discovered the Adoption Social and sent them an email. This is such an interesting way of “meeting the blogger.” I look forward to following your blog as an adoptive mom of three, I am always on the look out for blogs from mom’s like me.


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