Meet The Blogger – Five go on an Adventure

Today’s meet the blogger is Five go on an Adventure
Quick 5 – In my life at the moment….
Book – the Science of Parenting Margot Sunderland and The Little Coffee shop in Kabul Deborah Rodriguez
Music–  Fairground Attraction
TV programme- Gotham watching with child 2 and Strictly Come Dancing
Food– Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Asian, traditional roast and toad in the hole, Chocolate – I have had a love affair with food for many years now.
Pastime– Discussion groups, gin and tonic with the girls and eating out.
What is your biggest challenge as an adoptive parent?
Patience and dealing with heartbreak.
What do you wish you had known before you adopted your children?
More about attachment and therapeutic parenting and a realisation as to how pro active I have to be.
Why did you start blogging about adoption?
 Initially to share our story with friends and family, our child has to remain anonymous so face book is a danger. But it has become an out pouring of concerns, grief and happiness. I found it to be a way to look out for a positive.
Where do you get your blogging inspiration from?
Every day life, it could be seeing a caterpillar crawling across a path, a rainbow, or something that is so about adoption like a behaviour linked to attachment
Who is your favourite adoption blogger? Sally Donovan
Who is your favourite non-adoption blogger? The Potty Diaries
What made you choose the blogging platform i.e blogger/wordpress that you did?
It was the first one that came up in Google.
Tea/Gin? Tea generally, gin and tonic over ice with a slice of lime with my besties when we need a “board meeting”

What do you think is your biggest source of support?
My parents, my social worker and Kirsty and Nicki, not forgetting the chocolate and the caffeine.
Reward charts yes/no?
Not sure, cynically they didn’t work for my older three, will have to let you know.
What is the best or most memorable piece of advice you have ever received?
Trust in yourself and ask for help when you need it.
My perfect adoption support would include…
A waterproof shoulder and a bottle of prosecco to share.
When I look into the eyes of my child I see..
The best thing we did this week was….
Dressing up as super heroes, made up superheroes not the marketed ones.
If you could take your children anywhere in the world to see something where would you go? India to see the tigers or just up the road to the farm to see the cows
What I hope I can give to my child/Children?
Trust and endless, unconditional love
At the weekend I can mostly be found…
baking or at the farm or in the car being a taxi service
What makes you and/or your family laugh?
My husband

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