Meet The Blogger: Full Time Tired

Today we meet the bloggers behind Full Time Tired – Laura and Diego…oh, and dinner’s at their house!

Quick 5 ­ In my life at the moment…

Book: Diego: I’m not reading anything at moment that hasn’t got the word “child”, “hurt”, or “trauma” on the cover; and foster training hasn’t started yet!

Music: Laura: Bonamassa, 3 Doors Down, Metric. And my only vice: Absolutely 80’s on the radio all day.

TV programme: Both: All time favourite: Mad About You. We loved it from episode 1, scene 1: arguing in the kitchen. Each season that followed tracked a different period our life, to the point it got spooky! Also loved Cheers, and Frasier. Yeah, we are that old. From this side of the pond: Black Books, Episodes, and Catastrophe. We occasionally watch serious programmes too.

Food: Both: A nice homemade pasta, with fresh tomato sauce, extra parmesan on top. Be here by 7 o’clock. Everyone’s invited. Did we mention we are Italian?

Pastime: Laura: Moving, selling, upcycling furniture, and generally creating space for a new double bedroom in the house. And in between all that fun, I’m on the phone with the embassy and various Italian Town Halls in a vain attempt to sort out Ben’s passport.

Who is your favourite adoption blogger?
Both: Do we need to pick only one? We both love Nicole and her blog Coffee Colored Sofa ( It was one of the first blogs we came across and one we still enjoy reading regularly. Loved the homely feeling of the blog title too.

What makes you and/or your family laugh?
Laura: Diego, most of the time at my expenses. Ben is getting funnier by the day, although unknowingly. I think I’ll need to up my game.

Why did you start blogging about adoption?
Laura: It started as sort of diary to leave Ben when he grows up. I thought it could help him make sense of what happened, and selfishly I wanted him to know how hard we fought for some aspects of his life, particularly the ones out of our control: losing his British passport, or being unable to meet his brother, for example. Recently I also found out it’s a good way to make sense of what’s going on in my head, and to ask for help when struggling. By the way, thanks to all who came to the rescue.

Where do you get your blogging inspiration from?
Both: Every week we worry we won’t have anything to write, until we start writing. It turns out that life happens faster than we can write about it. And until that stays that way, we should be alright.

What I hope I can give to my child?
Diego: The confidence to live a little recklessly and some values on the side not to lose sight of what is important to him. Oh, and a good soundtrack to go with all of that.

Click here to visit Full Time Tired. You can also tweet Laura @LauraBoccaleone and Diego @DiegoBoccaleone

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