#MeetMe – Jenny

Today’s first #MeetMe post is from adoptive mum, Jenny…

Quick 5 – In my life at the moment….

  • Book –   Saving Danny (Cathy Glass)
  • Music–  Take That
  • TV programme  – Orange is the new black
  • Food – pasta
  • Pastime – Making cake pops

What is your biggest challenge as an adoptive parent?
Trying to meet the needs of all three children at the same time

What do you wish you had known before you adopted your children? 
I wish I had known a lot more about attachment and early trauma. There are so many things I could have put in place during those early weeks/months had I of known more.

Who inspires you?
My children. They have been through more in their short lives than many people do in a lifetime. They inspire me to carry on fighting for support for them, to educate others about adoption, and also to push for changes to the system.

Can I choose wine instead?

What do you think is your biggest source of support?
My parents have been simply amazing in terms of supporting me, but I would not have survived this journey without the support of other adopters. They are the only ones who truly ‘get it’.

What I hope I can give to my child/Children?
Happiness, security and feelings of trust.

At the weekend I can mostly be found…
Curled up on the sofa trying to recover from the previous week!

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