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Today Vicki from The Boy’s Behaviour is bringing you a photograph, and the story behind it…

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Many readers of The Boy’s Behaviour will know this image. It’s of Mini and Dollop, and was taken in November 2011 when Mini was coming up to 5, and Dollop was about 18 months old.
It was one of those lovely crisp Autumn days, and we were strolling around one of the local parks, with the intention of collecting pine cones – hence the bag in Mini’s hand.

It was once of those moments, completely unplanned, where the children just connected for a moment – happy, companionable, innocent siblings. I quickly snapped it, and it turned out to be THE shot. And not only is it featured on my blog, it’s featured in enormous glory on our living room wall.

It’s a lovely park to walk around, with a couple of good play areas. It holds many memories for us – a picnic to celebrate Grandad’s birthday, the place where Dollop first rode her bike, Mini’s first time on a zip line, and it boasts a fabulous tree that the children enjoying climbing. And this photograph means so much to me, that we now go back to the same spot every now and then, and redo it. We even took Dollop in her wheelchair one time! Below is our latest…taken just a week ago. And we’ll continue to do this, to record the seasons changing and the children growing.

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