100 Little Words


100 Little Words on Parenthood was a book project in 2012 that saw contributors write poems, parenting advice, anecdotes and more in exactly 100 words, then brought together by author and editor Charlie Plunkett.

Both Sarah and I were thrilled to be included in this book, initially published electronically, and then later, as a paperback. And now, we’d like to share with you, our contributions that were of course first published in 100 Little Words on Parenthood – still available to buy and makes a lovely little gift for Mothers Day.

My own poem was about my journey through infertility and then pregnancy:

My family by Vicki, The Boy’s Behaviour

No blue line. Disappointment. Next month?
No blue line. Tears. Next month?
No blue line. Desperation. Next month?
No blue line. Heartbreak. Infertile.

Options. Adoption. Family?
Assessment. Approval. Parents!

My son. A joy. Happiness.
Life. Love. Laughter.

Blue line. Shock. Pregnant?
Impossible. Infertile. Adopter.

Scans. Midwives.Tests.
Monitoring. Doctors. Stretchmarks.

Shopping. Cot construction. Stretchy leggings.
Nursing bras. Preparing toddler. Choosing names.

Induction. Breaking waters. Contractions.
Epidural. Emergency caesarean section. My daughter.

Breastfeeding. Bottles. Nappies.
Sleep deprivation. Tiny clothes. Total dependence.

Jealousy. Differences. Sadness.
Change. Questions. Attention.

Arguments. Fighting. Sibling rivalry.
Playtime. Protection. Sibling adoration.

Birth. Adoption. Children.
Family. Mine. My family.


Let’s Pretend by Sarah, The puffin Diaries

As my two adopted children came from a background of neglect it was explained to us that their imaginative play would be limited. Too much stress and anxiety to stop, relax, imagine and play. Over the years we have enjoyed sitting with them, acting out scenarios and watching them tentatively join in. The phrase “let’s pretend”, at first spoken with hesitation and uncertainty for the unknown world they may deliver, now trips of the tongue and is woven into every game. Sometimes as I sit on the stairs listening to their world of “let’s pretend” I know we’ve come far.

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