Life on the Frontline – 12/07/16

lotfA weekly blog from a family made by adoption, warmed by the laughter, broken by the sadness, held together by love with a big dollop of hope, oh, and often soaked in mummy tears.

“Heads down and head for the holidays” is our household mantra at the moment.

This was always going to be a tough week for Small as his school have a policy of introducing the next year’s timetable for the last three weeks of school. Now I think this in theory a brilliant idea, get the pupils introduced to new teachers and subjects before they break up so there is less anxiety when you come back in September.

However, in practice, tired children and staff are tackling the fallout of massive change with quite hug consequences. That’s how Small ended up having to be coaxed down a railway embankment after walking out of school. There has been a whole string of reports which detail, his rudeness, his lack of regard for rules and generally being a difficult or as a member of staff told him “a horrible child”.

Yes, school have confirmed that this language was used to Small and the reason is that the member of staff “is human”. I have a level of understanding, I know how very difficult he can be however, I’m worried about how staff are perceiving him, seeing the behaviour and not the child. Sigh, big sigh “heads down and head for the holidays”.

No exclusions for Tall this week, hooray. However he got into quite a major fight. When I took the phone cal regarding the fight, my heart sank as the voice from school, on the other end said “Are you ready for this”.

However, it was totally not his fault and was quite seriously attacked by another student for no real reason. Well I’m sure the other child had a reason but it was not something that Tall had obviously done.

“Are you ok my love” I inquired when he came through the front door. “I’m fine” he said “It wasn’t my fault”. He was very hyped as he bounced off the walls of our home, walking back an forth and unable to settle. Whilst he didn’t seem too upset by the incident, he was almost excited by the fact that he hadn’t been responsible for the incident and the there was  a residue of electricity pulsing through his body.

The next morning was a different matter, he was anxious about how he would be received in school and his bruised face and chipped tooth were now bothering him. He managed it though and got through his week.

And just as we thought “yay” we are getting there, Tall was caught trying to smuggle his laptop into his bed on Saturday night.

So only two more weeks to go. “heads down and head for holidays”.

In Other News

We seem to have acquired another cat. A local stray has definitely decided we are his new adopted family. He’s sat on the sofa opposite me as I type.

My yoga is still making me soo happy. Teaching yoga is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

On the yoga note, I got my husband along to a class on Friday and now I think he might be hooked too.

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