A Survey for World Autism Awareness Week


In a couple of weeks time the will be a full week, internationally, dedicated to raising awareness of Autism. We are planning to do some related posts during the week which is March 27th to April the 2nd. If anyone out there has a story to tell or would like to contribute we would love to hear from you.

We feel it’s important to highlight this week as it is not uncommon for adopted children to be diagnosis on the autistic spectrum. We are interested to know just how many of your children have had a diagnosis and what you think about it. So we’ve devised a short survey for you to complete which hopefully will give us a little bit more of an insight into adoption and the autistic spectrum.

PLEASE PLEASE fill in the survey even if your child does NOT have a autism diagnosis, that way we can see more realistically what percentage of people are affected.

Go to Survey

Thank you in advance for your participation, please share and encourage other adopters to also complete the survey.

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