Adoption Acrostic Poems for National Adoption Week 2014 – Part 2

Today we have more moving poems written to celebrate National Adoption Week. These are all acrostic poems using the word ADOPTION.

Buzzbee (aged 8 & 10 months) – adoptee

A new house and family
Drugs and booze free
Only nice food and cuddly teddies
Parents who wanted us
The cat liked us too
It started of cool
Only for a while
Now it is up and down. But that is what makes us a family

Another family! Another new bed to get used to!
Do they really want us?
Only time will tell! We will have to wait and see!
Presents, toys and sweets from strangers we don’t know!
Tell them to stop! PLEASE, we don’t know them!
It doesn’t matter how bad we both can be!
Or, how hard, we try to push both of you away!
Nothing seems to break you! I guess you love us and want us to stay!


Beeswax (a grumpy 13 year old) – adoptee

Adults who think they know better than me
Don’t listen to what we want
Or even care. If you ask me
People making all the decisions for us
Try and ask me
It’s not like any of you know us, is it
Or maybe you just don’t know me
New house and new adults – It’s better than nothing but it won’t last.


Gary Hargreaves – Adopter

Are you there?
Do you exist?
Or will I remain alone?
Please come and help
Try to understand
just need your love and a home.
Offer me hope.
Never let go
Stop my heart from becoming a stone.


The Adoptions Equation Adoptee +Adopter =Answer

Adoptee        Adopter          Answer

Alert                Angry              Absolutely
Distracted      Desperate      Dependent
Overactive     Overload         On
Pleaser           Pressured       Professional
Traumatised Traumatised   Therapeutic
Inbetweener Incomplete      Input
Obstructive   Oppressed      Offering
Neurotic         Nervous          New
Social Misfit   Social Outcast Solutions


Sarah Adopter and Co-founder of The Adoption Social

Always on my mind
Deepest, intensity
Of the question inside
Pertaining to how
To make the love I feel
Into a shining light which
Opens their hearts to
No longer be ruled by the darkness






2 thoughts on “Adoption Acrostic Poems for National Adoption Week 2014 – Part 2

  1. Sophia

    The Beeswax one resonated with me. I don’t see a “grumpy 13 year old”, I feel a person finding it hard to trust or feel they can be loved. I don’t know him though so may be completely wrong! It’s very similar thoughts to ones I heard from children in care.
    Love Sarah’s one. I think the constant questioning is common amoung parents, wondering what there child truly needs to help them through, which bits of behaviour are adoption related, which are down to other areas if life or norms. Love this acrostic challenge Adoption Social 😉

  2. honeymummy

    So many wonderful poems. Well done to you all.

    Sophia, you have summed up Waxy perfectly – he really does find it hard to trust any adult and despite desperatly needing to feel loved, the reality of this level of intimacy is almost unbearable for him. The ‘grumpy 13 year old’ title has become a standing joke with him signing everything off in this fashion.


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