Adoption Acrostic Poems for National Adoption Week 2014 – Part 1

As part of our celebrations for National Adoption Week we asked people to write an acrostic poem using the word ADOPTION. These poems use the selected word as a the starting letter for each line. These examples below all have the word Adoption down the left side.

Luca Adoptee Age 8

Adoption means our family is good 
Don’t you know
Our love is great
Please join us
Thank you for your help mum and dad
I love you loads
Our love is strong
Now our family is great.


Harry Adoptee Aged 10

Awesome being adopted
Days are always fun
Oh adoption is great
Pleased to be with mum and dad 
They always give me love
I’m still together with my brother 
Oh how he drives me mad
Never alone always part of a family.


Lydia, mum to 2 boys aged 10 & 8.


Accepting them for who they are and not what they should be 
Dramatic are some of our days and nights 
Optimistic about the future for us all
Parents that’s us
Time is so precious with them
Imagination stretched to the limit and beyond
Organised days makes for calmer times
Normality……what’s that?!


Fiona (Adoptee and sister to many who weren’t).

Approved !! Make a
Date,don’t wait for an
Option or a social worker-
Primed to be on our best behaviour
To love, be loved
In sickness and in health, don’t care about wealth!
Or wanting to please-take me as I am~
No-one there for me?


Vicki N Adopter and Co-Founder of The Adoption Social

Naturally…or by nurture


A big thank you to everyone who took part and here will be more poems on the site again tomorrow.

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