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During adoption week we asked people to write acrostic poems using the word Adoption, as a way of marking the week in our own way. We had one poem sent  in later than the published post and would like to share it with you here. And because you all seemed to enjoy the poetry so much Vicki and I would also like to share poems we have written.

By My Brown Eyed Boys 

Absolutely gorgeous as well as
Deeply loving
On occasion infuriating and
Particularly good at making noise
Totally different all 3 are
Inspirational to me
Overwhelmed but will
Never give up on My Brown Eyed Boys


 Mummy Mummy by Vick N

Mummy! Mummy!
Giggle, whine,
The sounds of my kids, that help pass the time.

Mummy, mummy,
come here please.
A call to patch up scuffed, dirty knees.

Mummy, mummy,
time for dinner?
Mummy’s meals are nearly always a winner.

Mummy, mummy,
can we play out?
If you say no, they’ll give you that pout.

Mummy, mummy.
Music to my ears.
A word I longed for over the years.

Mummy, mummy?!
Oh, that’ll be me,
Better go play then, my kids and me!


The Renion by Sarah H

Down the platform I saw him there,

His face unsure, a focused stare.

As he walks along in daddy’s step,

Not knowing his own reaction yet.

But then as if it comes to him,

His pace it quickens, his face a grin.

And then he’s running his arms out wide,

No longer able to cover and hide,

The delight in mummy’s return from away,

For him it’s been a long few days.

As they reach and envelope one another,

Mummy’s heart it beats, a flutter.

And did she see across his eyes?

The glint of a tear, happiness inside,

As his arms lock firm and really tight,

There is a squeeze full of his tiny might.

They separate and smile together,

Beaming joy of a love forever.

And as his warm little hand slips into mine,

I pin to my heart this moment in time.


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