Adoption Sore Points: Personal hygiene

Have you heard? Our next Adoption Sore Point takes place soon…
sorepoint12 February – 18 February here on and Twitter

As always, our Sore Points week will cover a topic that many might struggle to deal with, or talk about, but many adoptive families have to endure – Personal Hygiene.

What does that mean to you?
Well, it could mean wetting or soiling and all that goes with that – hiding wet or soiled clothing and bedding; refusing to wash after an accident; refusing to even believe or acknowledge there’s been an accident. Or perhaps even smearing, does this sit commonly with soiling?

Body odour and general hygiene; perhaps just because or due to anxiety sweating; or refusing to wash; forgetting to hand wash after toilet trips; puberty; cleaning ears, hair care and nits; hair removal and shaving;

Potty training in youngsters; boy’s aim; dribbling.

Bad breath; refusals to clean teeth, or forgetting; dentists visits.

Puberty; periods; using sanitary protection; thinking about flannels and towels during periods; talking about or discovering new hair; deeper voices; body changes; wet dreams; erections; and all those other new things that happen around/during puberty.

Talking about the importance or personal hygiene with young people, why it’s important and how to maintain cleanliness.

If you, or your young people have problems with any of these, then would you or they feel able to share your/their experiences in a guest post on The Adoption Social?
Perhaps you’ve found a good way of combatting one or more of these issues?  Do you know of or could recommend any good organisations, therapists, books, websites or other resources?
If you have a good tip or resource then we’d like to know about it. You can reach us at

Typically our Sore Points weeks look like this:

Monday – Guest post
Tuesday – Guest post
Wednesday – Guest post
Thursday – Book reviews and resources post, #TASchat on Twitter
Friday – Sunday – Weekly Adoption Shout Out (#WASO) themed on Personal Hygiene

So make a note in your diary, and come along and get involved. If you have any ideas of themes for future #AdoptionSore Points, then please do let us know. We’re collating a list and will work our way through.

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