Anna Writes: Endings part 2

Anna WritesA final post from the lovely Anna…


Happy New Year and I hope this finds everyone well and settling back into life after the holidays.

As mentioned in the Adoption Social Times I have made the difficult decision to stop writing this column. It wasn’t easy to get to this point and I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who has taken the time to read my ramblings and left comments and generally made me feel very welcome on this site.

I guess I started to feel that I was writing more and more about my parents, rather than my own ‘stuff’  and this left me feeling, well, kind of disloyal if I’m honest. Even though this is anonymous, even though there is no reason for my parents to ever know anything has been written by me- I still feel bad. I am pretty sure that these feelings are a throw back to the ‘needing to feel grateful’ discourse that runs through my adoption. Some things don’t change.

Ultimately its pretty hard to write about my experiences and then face my family in ‘real life’ knowing that I’m not ok with how lots of things were handled in my early life. Maybe some worms need to be kept in their cans.

Also this year is looking pretty busy with two new jobs starting and a bit of a push with my creative writing- I’m looking forward to exciting times ahead and exploring some new avenues.

I am very grateful to Sarah and Vicki for supporting and encouraging me- I was and am still very honoured to have been asked to write regularly for such a fab site.

Writing has been a such a huge relief and release of things that I have kept private and locked away for years- and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to share it. I will remain an avid reader of TAS and look forward to remaining (a slightly quieter) member of this community.

With very best wishes to everyone for 2016.

Anna. W

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  1. Claire

    Thank you so much for sharing all your personal stories and feelings with us. It is sad to see you go but when the time is right, it’s right. Wishing you the best of luck in all you choose to do. Keep writing. x


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