BAAF Closure

At the end of last week, Friday 31st July, we heard the shocking news that, BAAF (British Association for Adoption and Fostering), was to close, with immediate affect. In the announcement (read here), which delivered this news, the reasons for this seemingly sudden action were vague, stating:

“In the face of significant changes and prevailing economic conditions, it has sadly not been possible to sustain the organisation ”

Many of BAAF’s services are to be transferred to the children’s charity Coram and a new entity, CoramBAAF, however the legitimacy of these actions are starting to be questioned. Labour’s shadow children’s minister Steve McCabe has written to Edward Timpson, asking for an explanation of the circumstances which see large government contracts transferred to an alternative organisation without following certain procedures. And we have also written to Edward Timpson asking for his comments on the closure.

There has also been much discussion, among the online community, about the running of National Adoption Week, another institution previously run by BAAF. It seems that First4Adoption will take on the role of organising the recruitment led week, which aims to entice more people to adopt. However,many adopters and adoptees have felt affronted by the blatant oversight of those who already part of adoption and feel that now is the time to change the focus of this week.

Gareth Marr has put some ideas together on what an alternative week may look like. Whilst  Amanda Boorman from The Open Nest Charity also shared some of her views on the need for change.

The Open Nest have already organised a conference at the start of National Adoption Week, at which only adoptees will be speaking, there will be more details to follow on this event. In line with this The Adoption Social will be dedicating a week to the voice of the adoptee.

So little is yet understood about the fall of the organisation, which many saw as the cornerstone of British adoption, but despite this, many have expressed shock and upset and we want to give you an opportunity to share your feelings on this announcement. As a result, we’ve set up a linky (you know how we love a linky!) so that if you’ve written a post about BAAF, you can link up and share it with others. This will remain open for a week, closing next Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “BAAF Closure

  1. Helene

    This is tragic news. BAAF support, advice and fantastic literature really helped us as adopters to understand the process and without them i am not sure we would have persevered and realised the amazing family that we have.

  2. Sandy Greenberg

    Totally shocking. I don’t understand how the government can claim to be for helping adoption and fostering and then let something like this happen. I’m sure their cuts to local government (some of the biggest consumers of BAAF’s services) has something to do with this sudden closure. I feel very sorry for anyone in the future going through the process without their independent guidance and support.


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