Brighter Thinking – a new animation

Recently on Twitter, The Open Nest invited adoptive parents to share ways they felt unsupported by friends and family, and also share the ways that their support networks got it right too.
To view all of the suggestions, you can search on Twitter using #Allchildrendothat.

The aim of this research was to inform a new animation, to be produced by the charity, following the success of it’s previous animation The Lost Children of Trauma. And last week, our very own Sarah (also of The Puffin Diaries and Trustee of The Open Nest) and Amanda Boorman of The Open Nest, launched the new animation – Brighter Thinking.

And here it is:

Now we need your help again in getting it seen. So please share it far and wide – with your local authority, with your friends and families, with anyone you think would benefit from seeing it. It not only shows how adopters feel they could have been supported better, but it acknowledges the good bits too and highlights how prospective adopters might be better supported in the future.

And finally, we’d like to say a big thank you to all of those who contributed to this film in anyway. Your input and experiences are vital in getting better support for adopters and adoptees.

4 thoughts on “Brighter Thinking – a new animation

  1. Jen Kok

    This is great, adoptive parents need all the support they can get and so rarely get listened to with compassion. This is a great way to help more people become aware and hopefully begin to engage with us with empathy.

  2. Helen

    Thank you. This is really good and so true. The supportive statements gave me a lump in my throat and I realised that’s because we don’t hear those words enough and we forget there are empathetic, non-judgemental people out there.

  3. Eileen

    Excellent even for doting grans whose daughter and husband have adopted a very special beautiful baby boy. Lucky me, and that little extract was useful, because I have said I can’t remember mine doing that but e.g. sleeping, or teething etc., but it was 32 years ago!! Thank-God we have blinkers on and forget.

    I am glad my son-in-law sent it to me as I certainly need to be educated in the method of adoption and their way of dealing with things. As, I also want the best for our baby and his parents.

  4. RachelB

    Thank you. What a fantastic resource. It brought tears to my eyes. I hadn’t realised quite how many of those negative comments have come my way. Now to send it to the Ed Psych, who came out with so many of them at my son’s recent statement review…


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