Does lack of truth telling destabilise a child’s life journey?

Today we bring you a film of Helen Oakwater’s speech at the  International Foster Care Organisation (IFCO)

Helen is an adoptive parent of sibling group placed in 1990’s. Here knowledge and understanding of adoption has lead her to writing the book  “Bubble Wrapped Children: how social networking is transforming the face of 21st century adoption” plus numerous articles.
Helen has now become an International trainer delivering workshops on Trauma Triggered Behaviour. She is currently avoiding the London chill by delivering in Australia and New Zealand. Here experience in the field of adoption include being a Coach (NLP, Executive and Personal) a former Local coordinator & Trustee of Adoption UK and a former member of Government Adoption and Permanence Task Force.

You can find out more about her work on her website Bubble Wrapped Children and connect with her on twitter @HelenOakwater

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