Gareth Marr – Our Adoption Warrior

This week the online adoption community has been deeply saddened by the passing of one of our adoption warriors, Gareth Marr.

Here at The Adoption Social, the news came as a huge shock; Gareth was such a large character in our community, and a friend we had met on a number of occasions at adoption conferences. It has made me think about the man who was always spotlessly turned out and full of ideas and thoughts on any discussion we were holding on TAS, or on the day at those conferences. He was full of enthusiasm for anything that challenged the establishment on their ability to support adopted children. A father of an adopted child himself, our heart goes out to his family at this difficult time.

Gareth was always very supportive of The Adoption Social and wrote for us on many an occasion. If you want to know a little bit more about this man, we can let him tell you more with his “Meet Me” post.  I love that as a pastime he says he enjoys spending time with his son; conkers was that week’s activity, he also had a fine taste in music.

So if we look at posts that Gareth wrote for us, for those that don’t know, his passion was ensuring support for adopted children in education. It comes as no surprise that his first post for us, about the pupil premiums plus, is almost the most viewed post on our site, Helping Our Children at School – Using the Pupil Premium Plus. I think Gareth would find it amusing that the post that pips him to the top spot is our post about pixilating a picture.

 He wrote other posts about education for us and worked tirelessly with his local authority, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, to affect change where he lived, with the hope that this would create a bench mark for other LA’s to achieve.

 If that was not enough, he also supported others trying to affect positive change around adoption. As trustees for The Open Nest charity, we can’t thank him enough for his donation of signed Pink Floyd vinyl, which raised the largest single donation for the charity of £4000.

 A light has gone out in our community but I’m sure he would not want us to feel too sad, instead we must feel confident in fighting for the rights of our children and all those involved in adoption.

 Rest peacefully Gareth Marr.

3 thoughts on “Gareth Marr – Our Adoption Warrior

  1. Al

    Thank you for an excellent obituary. In my experience Gareth was truly a gentleman. We met briefly on three occasions but his generosity of spirit and nature remained long after we parted. From serious conversations to inconsequential Twitter chat he remained encourageing, positive, fun and focused on his desire to improve the lives of children and their families. In fact his dogged and persistent defence of a blog I wrote managed to get us both blocked by an unhappy tweeter, their loss I say. His determination and pursuasion resulted in a change in legislation and policy that will bear fruit for many of us and it appears a fitting legacy.
    So, farewell and I hope we meet at some dance floor on the other side and you can indulge your love of music.

  2. Claire

    Gareth reached out his heart and his hand to all adopters and adopted children. Whether we were just embarking on our journey or whether it was during our endless battles. His advice never waned and for that I am truly grateful.
    He was a pivotal source of strength for me throughout my roller coaster journey
    Thank you for all that you did. Now rest in peace, you danced well! Xxxx

  3. Sharon Martin

    Gareth made a huge impact. Grateful that I had the chance to connect with him. Feels more sad because he made such a difference. Wonderful human being. Truly missed.


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