Happy Birthday to us and Here’s our #BestBits


Very quietly, at the weekend, The Adoption Social turned two.

Yes it’s two years since we published our first post and began our work supporting the online adoption community. During these two years we have brought you a diverse range of posts, some have inspired, sometimes we’ve angered or our writers have been angry. There’s been fun and laughter, sadness and heartache, gritty determination and helping hands and always the stars are you. Yes, you are the ones that support each other, on here, on blogs and in the land of social media. So happy birthday to us and you and to celebrate lets look at some of our best bits from those two years.

The site was built around #WASO, our Weekly Adoption Shout Out is where it all began. We’ve had 120 weeks of #WASO since we started the linky in January 2013. On top of those weekly link up we’ve also featured a number of special #WASO’s.

We’ve covered many themes over all those weeks, a lot of which have been positive. These include #TakingCareEmbracing on Line Support, Look How Far we’ve Come, The Great Outdoors  ‘The Work of my Child/Children’, Safe Places ,Pets and Treasured Moments

We had the special #WASO,  which was a collective response to a letter published in the Guardian newspaper entitled ‘What’s in a name? For adopted children, rather, a lot’.

We also had the special where adopters wrote their replies to the letter Edward Timpson addressed to all adopters during last years National Adoption Week 

And we did a special for National Adoption week 2013, with the theme of Barriers.

Also during the National Adoption Week of 2013 we featured a number of posts aimed to erode perceived barriers to adoption, these included, Adopting as a Same Sex Couple, Adopting with Depression  and Too Young, Too Fat, Too Poor.

By the time we came to National Adoption Week 2014, it was obvious that the on-line community were fed up with the recruiting juggernaut which NAW appeared to be. As little consideration was given to the daily challenges some existing adopters were experiencing, we devised a plan to encourage support within our community in #HowAreYou?

We’ve brought you lots of helpful posts too including Considering Home Education, Settling a New Placed Toddler,Preparing to met your Child  and Things to Consider When Changing Schools

One of our popular weekly posts has been a problem shared where we we’ve featured requests for help with Why is she Wetting, Aggressive and Abusive Behaviour and the question of Luck.

We’ve long enjoyed a supportive relationship with The Open Nest Charity, for which we are both trustees, an amazing #goodbit that has come from running The Adoption Social. We have collaborated on many a project and continue to work closely together. Most memorable is the #TakingCare Conference and it was such an honour for us to be a part of this inspirational event. We also worked with the online community to create two animations commissioned by The Open Nest, The Lost Children of Trauma and Brighter Thinking . We are very much looking forward to hosting our first adopters camping event, this summer and will continue to work to support this inspirational charity.

We had contributions from many different organisations and practitioners, including Colby Pearce, Coram, FASD Trust, Helen Bonnick, The Apple Tree Centre and We are Family

We’ve been invited to speak at several events and promote the use of social media for support.

We are proud to have developed a relationship with Jessica Kingsley Publishers, who very kindly provide lots of the books that are reviewed on The Adoption Social. Long may this relationship continue.

Having guest edited the Britmums Adoption and Fostering Round-up on occasion, we took over the editing reigns for good and revived this important monthly round-up where we get to sing about the many wonderful adoption parenting blogs that are out there. We, of course, add some of the blogs that link up to #WASO, but we also look for more to include too, and hope that we bring some new and interesting links each month.

Recently we brought you our first Adoption Sore Points week, where we aim to bring difficult subjects into the light and encourage people to discuss them and recognise the hardships associated with these topics. Our #CPV week was massively successful, and we were so pleased that so many people found the strength to share their experiences. A particular highlight was the Twitter Chat which took place during this week.

We’ve been nominated for a couple of Awards too, once by Britmums and also by BAAF as part of their National Adoption Week. We didn’t win either, but for us the love and support we received from the online community at these times was amazing for us and reward enough. We both feel so proud of the kindness, strength and sometimes bravery the online adoption community are capable of.

With this in mind one of the very #BestBits has to also be the many friendships we have forged through working on the site, not least the wonderful friendship we have with each other. It feels odd if I go more than a couple of days without a Facebook conversation with my partner in crime Vicki.

The really really  VERY BEST BIT about what we do, is knowing that it helps others, so as long as we remain of some use to you, we will keep on doing what we do.


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