LGBT Fostering and Adoption Week – Round Up


To support and help promote LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) Fostering and Adoption week (3-9 March), we have put together a special round up of posts, blogs and useful links. To start I’d like to highlight the findings of a recent survey which show that 1 in 3, of the general UK population, believe that being LGBT is a barrier to becoming a parent.

During National Adoption week last year, we posted a number of articles hoping to break down perceived barriers to adoption, one of these articles was from a same sex couple who had adopted, you can read that here.

This same couple also write a blog about their adoptive family, which is full of incredible warmth and love. Read this recent post here, which reflects on their last year with their adorable daughter.

Another blog, this time by two dads, Two Guys Adopting, although not recently updated it is a great archive of their story of adoption and also has some useful links on it.

One more blog 4 Relative Strangers with a post this Inspirational Post especially for this week

Another blogger that doesn’t usually write about adoption regularly, but wished to show their support to the week is Mum of Three world, read her post here.

During this week a number of Adoption related organisations and charities have posted to add their support and raise awareness. One of my favourites was from TACT, read here.

Here are some other useful links…

New Family Social

Gay Adoption Blog

Moms, Cats, Kids?

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