Life on the Frontline – 06/06/16

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With it being half term there is little to report. No anxiety about school for the boys or me, no difficult therapy sessions, no demands being made on anyone…’s been bliss. I have however noticed how much more confident I have felt this week and again it leads me to ponder why school’s feel the need to create such levels of anxiety for our children, and us the parents.

The boys and I have been together all week, dad has been away a lot, and the three of us have mostly relaxed at home. The only time the boy’s haven’t been at home is when they have visited the local park together.

This is a new thing for us, I reported recently about how proud I was when they achieved a successful visit. So it’s become a thing, going to the park. They both seem to enjoy going and playing, meeting friends and making friends. It’s been very good for Small as he has been able to catch up with some of his old friends.

One such friend even came to call for Small yesterday and both Tall and Small played or “hung out” with her in our garden, she even stayed for our BBQ.

These events, would not even seem worth commenting on to parents of a none adopted children but for me, seeing this progress for both of them in their social activities is really huge. I know it adds to their confidence in their ability to interact and for Small it means he still has friends where we live, which is good.

So back to school this morning and Small has gone off relatively easily. Tall however is still in bed and refusing to go, no other reason than “I don’t want to”.

I understand, school means, deciphering lots of people, process situations and trying to make lots of right choices. I’m sure it’s exhausting. Hopefully I’ll get him there by lunch, a half day to ease him back in.

In Other News

I also managed to teach my yoga classes this week and as always they create a perfect oasis of escape for me, a tiny bit of me time.

Holmes and Watson the new guinea pigs are becoming more confident, Watson particularly seems to have a lot to say for himself.

Excited that as I type, I’m having some raised vegetable beds built in the garden. Cant wait to start growing things again.

One thought on “Life on the Frontline – 06/06/16

  1. Melbourneborn

    I love reading your weekly blog posts – as someone going through the approval process, it’s given me good insights.
    However, as I’m also a teacher, a SENCO at that, I feel the need to defend schools. No one does it perfectly right, I know, and it stressful especially when they get it wrong – but I don’t think schools seek to create levels of anxiety for anybody. Whilst the government says lovely things about inclusive education, the reality of terrible legislation has it’s part to play in how schools are run.
    I’m sure you know all this, but like I said, felt the need to defend! I’m glad you had a relaxing half term – good luck for the last stretch!


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