Life on the Frontline – 20/06/16

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We had a death in the family this week. The hamster, Small got at Easter is no more. It was very sudden he’d seemed fine the day before, but there he was all still in his cage on Wednesday morning. Small found him and was devastated, I must say I also was quite chocked by the incident as I’d really liked the little fella. I realised straight away that school would not be good for Small on that day and so kept him home with me.

He tagged along with me to my yoga class, sitting quietly in the corner reading and then we came home and had chilled sofa day with plenty of cuddles. I did a little research and came to the conclusion that the hamster may have had a heart defect which is not uncommon. Drawing this conclusion helped Small come to terms with the loss as he was certain he had done something to cause the death. This way he now believes there is nothing more he could have done to avoid the unfortunate event.

So apart from this very traumatic, event the week was far more plain sailing than the previous week. Both boys went to school when required and as I haven’t had any information to the contrary, I presume they did well.

Tall attended a detention on Monday, the one he had refused to attend the previous week. I was very proud of how he handled it because he was only told about the detention at the end of his school day. I had been informed on the Friday by email but had not seen it and so was unable to prepare him. He went and got on with it, which is very impressive when it was sprung on him.

Tall also attended his therapy this week and we unpicked a few things from the previous week. He quite obviously returned to some really difficult feelings, triggered by our discussion. However, unlike previous weeks, he didn’t curl into a ball but stayed up and open, all be it turned away from me. I did wonder how things would be post the session as he seemed angry with me again but he soon thawed and on the way home,we chatted away easily.

“Sorry” he muttered as we pulled in the driveway, “for in there”.

“You have no reason to be sorry, you did really well and I’m not at all cross with you”.

We had a big hug when we got out of the car and everything was back to normal. A dose of Japanese anime and a delicious pot noddle sealed the deal and Tall was all smiles as he went off to his afternoon in school.

So little more to report from last week, I’m just very relieved it was nothing like the week before.

In Other News

Small has recovered form his loss and now has a new hamster, a girl this time, called Petal.

I was able to escape to two full day yoga workshops with the amazing yoga instructor David Swenson.

I’m also very much enjoying my newly decorated and made over kitchen. It feels good to get all those draws and cupboards more organised.



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