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A weekly blog from a family made by adoption, warmed by the laughter, broken by the sadness, held together by love with a big dollop of hope, oh, and often soaked in mummy tears.

As we walked out through the main doors of the school, I turned to my husband; searching in his face for some thoughts on the new headmaster we had just met of the school I felt would suit Small. There was a glisten of a tear as he said “what an amazing school”.

This week so far had been hard and emotional for all of us. Small had managed to incur a two day external exclusion, by 10.30 on Monday morning. Yet again, in our opinion the school had failed to support him and a standoff had occurred.  Dad collected him from school and openly, in the main reception, to an assistant head, complained about the conduct of the school towards our son.

By the end of the day an email came through detailing the schools reasons for their actions and asking that we not openly critise them, especially in front of Small. The request was that we be 100% behind them to show a united front to our child. We both reeled from this request, how can we stand shoulder to shoulder with an organisation that refuses to acknowledge the needs of our child. So few people are there to fight our and there corner that we need to fight our children need to see we support them.

My husband found this whole episode very upsetting and has written a couple of very heartfelt emails over the week.

However the two days exclusion done and we were not sending Small into the offending High school, instead we’d arranged for him to visit the possible new school for a couple more lessons and for ourselves to meet with the Head. This was now my third visit to the school but Dad’s first.

The meeting went well, the head whilst new to the school, has come from a school which had a specialist ASD unit attached to it and he also seemed to understand PDA and discussed the need for these children to have choice. He made it clear that they wanted Small to move to them as soon as possible and he would assist in making this happen as best he could.

So after the rollercoaster of emotions the first couple of days had brought this meeting brought even more emotions for my husband. It really does feel that like we’ve found a school that can better support our son. I’m sure it is not going to be all plain sailing, but hopefully there is more for us all to work with here.

So, Monday morning the boy is off to start at a new school.


In Other News

Tall has been managing well in school and has been attending, and staying in more lessons.

Me, and the Mr managed another grown up day out on Saturday, when the children went to their grandparents.

We almost went to the Pantomime this Sunday. All dressed up and ready to go, I checked the tickets, they are for next Sunday.

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  1. rosellepotts

    Great news on the new school. I agree it is impossible to ‘support’ treatment of your child that you know to be wrong. Been there and got the T shirt to prove that believing in your child and saying so is the only route to go.


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