Life on the Frontline – week 12



A weekly blog from a family made by adoption, warmed by the laughter, broken by the sadness, held together by love with a big dollop of hope, oh, and often soaked in mummy tears.

Don’t ever let them say that this parenting malarkey is not a full time job. I’ve worked a full week and overtime in the last seven days. The gorgeous husband has been unwell. Physically he’s had a chest infection; mentally his head has not been in a good place. So Monday this week saw me lecturing him instead of the children, on responsible behaviour.

“No you cannot get up at 5 o’clock in the morning, tomorrow, to go to London for a one hour meeting”

“Go and sit on the sofa with a blanket, I’ll bring you a lemsip and make you a fire”

So I have felt this week like a one woman whirlwind. Thankfully my own health has stayed fairly tip top, a couple of wobbly moments but, like that a great Elton John song, I’m still standing. And that is not without those lovely imps, my children, trying their hardest to knock me over.

Small has started an hour in class this week, something I felt was maybe too much too soon but I decided to go with, after all he seemed ok with it.

I can’t remember the order of it all but at one point he went in not very happy about being there and the next morning he refused to go completely.

Give him his due; it took him all of half an hour to work out that the no computers rule now in place for if you don’t go to school, would affect his evening activities with his brother.

So off he went, managed reasonably in mainstream and did well at the centre in the afternoon.  But I knew our hours and minutes were numbered.

Next day was a real struggle; he went but didn’t do great in mainstream and the amount of complaining I got in between schools pretty much scribbled the writing on the wall.

An hour later, as I lay on my bed closing my eyes for a half hour snooze , the phone rang.

“Can you come and get Small, he’s not having a good day”

I decided there and then no more school this week, so down time and regrouping followed.

Tall and I have had a lot of homework to get through this week, thankfully it was a lot of art based work, playing to my strengths and my ability to have patience and also help…just a little. To be fair to my boy, he really did rise to the occasion. He has put his head down and get on with it and I’ve been proud. He knew he was having tea at a friend’s on Wednesday and worked hard to make sure he had plenty done by then.

Whilst he was at said friend’s I got a text from friend’s mum,

“What a funny and kind boy and such a good friend to my son”

Two days later text from said friend’s dad (parents no longer together), Tall had called for friend before school at dads.

“When Tall came for my son today I was struck by what a happy, polite and lovely boy he is. I’m so glad him and my son are friends as neither of them are mainstream”.

Note:- obviously my friends do not cal their son “my son”.

The love these two boys seem to have for each other is really gorgeous to see, and dad is right, they both have their own quirks and apart they would seem like chalk and cheese.  Together they are two boys who get each other and are there for each other.

So I’ve whizzed from school drop offs and collection, meetings, sorting poorly husband and been left a bit dizzy but actually it’s been a good week.


In Other News

I received Small EHC plan this week, it is covered in highlight and scribbled notes. Sally Donovan would be proud I’m full prepped for our meeting this week.

Small has taken to wearing makeup. No more can be said…ok I will say it really quite suites him.

Tall has a girlfriend, apparently. Probably not one he speaks to much, but still, I want to almost wring it out of him… who is she.

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