Life on the Frontline – Week 26


A weekly blog from a family made by adoption, warmed by the laughter, broken by the sadness, held together by love with a big dollop of hope, oh, and often soaked in mummy tears.

Frontline life has been relatively calm this week, on the countdown to the Easter holidays. As that finishing line has approached my own energy levels have been slowly in decline, as I see a couple of weeks of easy living on the other side. Well that is what I’m hoping for. Hence the late post of LOTF, my brain had literally ceased to work yesterday.

When the boys were younger I often dreaded holiday times, having to occupy them and entertain whilst keeping peace and ensuring everyone was happy. Sounds easy enough but it really wasn’t. I found it mentally and physically exhausting as we bounced from one activity to another, one often not wanting to move on, the other eager to see what was next.

I’m sure lots of you can relate to the intensity of those days. We didn’t just do painting, we did extreme painting, paint everywhere with endless sheets covered in red, blood apparently, a lot of the time. I often wonder what an art therapist would have made of these pictures. We didn’t just do baking we did extreme baking, where each boy had to do everything first and flour would fly and there was much spilt milk. I’m sure you know the score.

Now we have mellowed into our holiday routines and whilst we organise some activities there are lots of rituals which must be adhere to that contribute to a level of calm.

So today, the first day of holidays is for Small always a duvet day. He is allowed to stay in his PJ’s take his duvet downstairs, position himself in front of the gogglebox and remain there all day.

Tall quite likes a bit of a quiet day too, he’s currently working his way through a Japanese Anime series on Netflix, in the dining room. We will get him out for fresh air later because; he needs a daily run out.

We’ve booked Tall onto a three day adventure camp in the second week. Again we always try and do something of the sort for him as he likes to be active and the group that take him know him well.

Then there is mine and Small’s shopping trip which I told you about previously here. That is also coming up in the second week, whilst Tall is away and is greatly anticipated by us both.

So I’m hopeful for a good break with rest and restoration. I’m hoping the same for you all out there and if you are doing extreme painting, baking or any other activity this week, remember to be kind to yourself. The television and Cbeebies is there so you can sit have a cup of tea and take a moment. That’s what I used to do anyway.


In Other News

My husband and I managed a night out together on Saturday and the boys stayed at my mums. It was a success all round so hopefully we can repeat again soon.

Tall fell asleep in school again this week and is constantly very tired, even though he does not go to bed late at all. I’m presuming, at nearly twelve, this is hormones.

Smalls bedroom looks like a rubbish tip; you can’t see the floor or any other surface. That is a job to be tackled this week.

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